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What Uintah High Students Have to Say About
My DVD Yearbook!

My DVD Yearbook!

"This is me before I purchased the Uintah DVD Yearbook"
- Neal Ruppe "Before"

"This is me after I purchased the Uintah DVD Yearbook. Notice the muscle mass that has been gained after watching the DVD Yearbook multiple times, especially the sports!"
- Joe Bowden "After"

"I enjoy watching MY DVD Yearbook with my all of friends, over and over!"
Shaleah Wilson "Pretty Girl"

"I think the video and regular yearbooks are rad! You have stills (paper yearbook), and real live video (DVD Yearbook). What else could be better?"
- Paul Workman

"I think that the DVD Yearbook is a great idea. It will be cool to look back and see the things that happened in the 2002-2003 year when I am older."
- Ruth Winder

"The DVD Yearbook is a great idea! I want both the DVD Yearbook and the hardback yearbook. I love the fact that it captures live memories. It is something I will look forward to showing it to the entire family, now and for years to come."
- Ashley Cottrell

Stay Tuned.... more coming!

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